Welcome to the website of

Hüttenwerke Königsbronn GmbH.


We invite you to discover on the next pages a modern and efficient cast iron foundry and machine shop with its highly qualified employees.
The skills and expertise of HWK is based on more than 650 years of knowledge and experience in the following products and areas:


Chill Casting

  • Calender rolls for paper industry
  • Rollers for food- and coating industry
  • Pistons for construction of presses


Handmoulded castings

  • Wear resistant cast iron for construction of mills
  • Handmoulded castings for machine buiding


Services of rollers in the paper industry


Technical Support

  • Roll calculation, design and construction
  • Selection of materials and consulting
  • Solidification- and mold filling simulation
  • Pattern construction with external partners
  • Machining of castings from 100 kg up to 120.000 kg
  • Pre- and finish machining
  • Conventional heat treatments


Assured by an experienced, motivated team of 100 employees, with a clear focus on the customer whishes, we offer a complete range of services from material selection, construction and consulting up to fully finished castings, all from one source. Casting quality, that´s what the name HWK stands for. Just discover us – just discover Hüttenwerke Königsbronn GmbH.