Access to the Facebook Fanpage “Hüttenwerke Königsbronn GmbH”

Access to the Facebook Fanpage “Hüttenwerke Königsbronn GmbH”

The Facebook Fanpage operated by us serves only the purpose to communicate with those users in this comfortable way, which are already in the Facebook network member. It is neither necessary nor recommended by us to become a member in order to contact us.

However, we do not restrict access to our Fanpage operated by Facebook through technical measures, because we would like to give you the opportunity to visit our fan page if you are not logged in to Facebook.

Immediate access to the fanpage

Informed consent and confirmation

By following the link below to our Facebook fan page, you consent to the following data being transmitted to Facebook:

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You agree to be a member of the social network “Facebook” and the privacy policy (item 6, paragraph Facebook) have taken note and understood.

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